1R Industry Trends: Live Stream with ZO® Skin Health

Are digital events here to stay? We think so! Live shopping is becoming increasingly more popular in the U.S. It bridges the gap in the digital space for the personalized shopping experience customers are used to getting when they walk into a physical store. 

We spoke with the ZO® Skin Health team about their first live shopping event to get their take on this latest industry trend. Read more below to learn about their experience, what motivated them to try this method of shopping, and most importantly, the outcome.

The Motivation

The skincare industry skyrocketed over the past year but it also became extremely saturated. The ZO® Skin Health team was constantly checking in on their competitors to make sure they were keeping up, while also standing out. It wasn’t until one of their competitors was hosting live shopping events did they decide to explore it for themselves.

The brand is also well aware of its importance to educate customers, especially as a medical grade skincare brand. They don’t promote or discount products often, if at all, letting the products speak for themselves. Since this is quite challenging to do online, this new form of communication with customers was perfect for them.

The Preparation

The ZO® Skin Health team found a partner in Livescale, a 3rd party solution that specialized in live shopping events. With the help of a Livescale support member and a 1R project manager, they were seamlessly able to get everything they needed up and running.

They worked internally with their product and marketing teams to create a script. Then they built a team for the event consisting of two hosts, a technical support person, and a dedicated moderator to answer questions.

Dana Wilhelm, ZO® Skin Health’s Senior Manager of Digital Marketing shared her personal experience, “Livescale was extremely user-friendly. I was able to set it up on my own with some PM help. The rep at Livescale was so helpful and joined our internal meetings just to sit in and provide support.”

The Approach

The approach was simple. They wanted to educate their customers, then drive into the sale at the end. The ZO® Skin Health team wanted to bring the in-person experience online and their goal was to “wow” new customers by highlighting the products’ value, while educating their existing customers.

The Outcome

They were concerned that 45 minutes to an hour would be a long time to draw people’s attention. However, the viewing numbers held strong through the entire event steadily climbing within the first few minutes.

The event was considered a success with 568 unique viewers, 602 likes, 539 chats and 162 chat sessions. They received a few sales during the event, however, ZO® Skin Health believes many shoppers left the event and went directly to the site afterward to make their purchase. The best part, they achieved their highest volume of sales they had seen so far this year that day!

The ZO® Skin Health team plans to run events like these in the future on a monthly basis. They imagine each event could be tied to a theme, such as a product launch. Their upcoming event will be focused on seasonal products, highlighting a routine that protects skin from the sun for the bright days ahead.

The Reality

This concept has been around for quite some time and extremely popular in other parts of the world, like China. It’s important to make sure you have the right internal teams to invest and a strong personality to represent the brand. Also, consistency is key. If you draw customers in through this channel, you’ll want to manage their expectations by creating a schedule of events they can look forward to.

If you’re interested in learning more about Livescale, along with the pricing and implementation efforts, reach out to your project manager or fill out the site's Contact form.