1R Insights: Digital Fit Tools Gain Popularity Over the Past Year

Digital fit tools have been around since “BC” (before COVID), but they have grown even more popular over the last year. Customers that are hesitant or simply not allowed to try on in-store are ultimately relying more heavily on fit tools and size recommendations online. For merchants, it has become extremely important, and almost necessary, to provide size clarity to their customers in order to increase conversion and to minimize return rates. 

With Fit apps and tools on the rise, we profiled two available fit solutions, WAIR and Fit Analytics. Both offer similar functionality to help a user identify their recommended size through a few quick and easy steps. We’ve also included an interesting pairing product, Zyler, that takes the popularity of virtual try on and puts an interesting spin on it for apparel. 


How it works:

The WAIR Fit Advisor helps your shoppers order the best fitting sizes as efficiently as possible and provides your operating teams with valuable data and analysis.  Shoppers will simply click on the WAIR "Find My Fit" button, enter height, weight, and age, and then select most representative body shapes.  The WAIR Fit Advisor will predict the shoppers' body dimensions and recommend the best fitting sizes and allow the shopper to view how other sizes will fit their body.


WAIR has spent years optimizing its onboarding process and can now onboard most new customers in 7-14 days. It will only take merchant teams about 2-3 hours of active time during the onboarding process.


Retailers like DressBarn, Rhone, Linksoul, ACTAwear, Public Rec have already integrated the WAIR Fit Advisor.  WAIR also works with brands like Nike, PVH, and Superdry to develop their sizing strategies for technical design and operations teams.

The Results:

On average, the WAIR Fit Advisor increases conversions by 27% and reduces size-based returns by 22%.  Brands and retailers that integrate WAIR generally see ROIs higher than 40X.  WAIR customers love sharing their results, which you can review in these case studies (Linksoul, ACTA).  The WAIR Fit Advisor simplifies size communication and gives your new and returning shoppers confidence when selecting sizes. If you'd like to learn more, reach out to the WAIR team at

Fit Analytics

How It Works:

Fit Analytics offers a machine-learning platform that helps apparel and footwear retailers reduce returns, increase conversions, and improve their ecommerce operations. The company’s core product is Fit Finder - an online size advisor used by many of the world’s leading retailers. Fit Finder generates personalized size recommendations based on a simple questionnaire process that allows users to enter their height and weight, body type, and information about the user’s fit preferences (fitted, average, or lose). The shopper’s answers are combined with purchase and returns records from over 19,000 brands, and compared to millions of other people who gave the same or similar answers which generates a ‘fit score’ in addition to a size recommendation.

Fit Finder saves the information locally on the users computer via cookie and can automatically generate size recommendations on other merchant websites who have Fit Finder as their sizing solution. For example, a shopper who used Fit Finder on Superdry to get the right size can go shop on the Lacoste website and receive an automatic size recommendation for their product of interest.


All the implementation work is done by Fit Analytics. Retailers just need to put a few lines of code on their ecommerce sites which are provided by Fit Analytics. Implementation timelines can vary depending on the brand’s product catalog size, organization, and customization, as well as availability of product sizing details.


Some current Fit Analytics partners include ASOS, The North Face, Uniqlo, Zara, and Lacoste.

The Results:

Fit Analytics advertises an average conversion increase of 14%-15% with an average return rate reduction of 4%-5%. Footlocker EU partnered with Fit Analytics and saw an increase of conversion from 4%-14% across its EU, Sidestep and Runners Point brands, with a reduction in returns ranging from 6%-14% across the same brands.


How it works:

Zyler is an alternative to virtual try-on solution that allows users to enter their measurements and a headshot that will then be rendered onto the product shot.  Zyler uses merchant model photography to render the user’s image once measurements and a headshot is uploaded. 


The site implementation is fairly easy. Product imagery is added to the admin tool with minimal product details and product URLs. Then the Zyler team provides a snippet of code to include on the site. 

1R does not see the popularity of these types of solutions fading any time soon and it won't be a surprise to see more technology partners expanding their solutions to "try-on" more types of products. Customer retention tends to be higher once a user has one good experience with Virtual Try-on and learns that they can trust it as a pre-purchase solution to find their perfect match.

Insights by Daryn Rasch, Product Manager at 1R.

Daryn works with 1R’s product and technical teams, clients and 3rd party partners to deliver solutions that help our client’s expand their digital business.