1R & Izzy Zero Waste Beauty Co-Founders Featured in WWD Voices Episode

WWD Voices host, Arthur Zaczkiewicz, welcomes 1R's CEO Shelly Socol to guest host the latest episode!

Listen to their conversation with 1R's amazing client Izzy Zero Waste Beauty's co-founder, Shannon Goldberg, as they discuss the impetus behind launching the brand, its online store, and what it takes to be truly zero waste.

"In its quest to reduce packaging and product waste, the beauty industry has made significant strides in recent years. For Shannon Goldberg, chief zero waste officer at Izzy Zero Waste Beauty, more could be done. So she deconstructed the traditional supply chain model and re-built it with a zero-waste mindset. The result is a product structure centered on refills for mascara and lip butter — with more products to come."

Listen to Breaking the Zero-waste Barrier (Episode 11) here: