1R x JOOPITER. Something Exciting is Coming Soon.

The secrets out, Pop Culture icon & innovator extraordinaire Pharell has announced the upcoming launch of Joopiter, an auction platform “that will sell selections from his 11 storage vaults’ worth of incredible luxury goods” says GQ

Pharrell is planning to sell 20 years’ worth of his old clothing and accessories on this new auction platform. The inaugural collection, “Son of a Pharaoh,” will go live on October 13.

In an interview with the Financial Times, the 49-year-old music superstar explained what went into the decision, which involved bringing in a new team to build the Joopiter portal. The new company’s name is ostensibly connected to the meaning of Jupiter as a harbinger of fortune and blessings in astrology, and Pharrell plans to eventually institute a philanthropic component down the road.

Financial Times describes Pharell’s upcoming project. “…Rather than sell the fruits of his journey through the fashion world on an existing auction platform, he has assembled a team to create a new one, Joopiter. His cast-offs, most of which have had some creative input from him, will launch the site when it goes live this month; later, it will expand to selling other curators’ collections as part of what Williams refers to as a “high-touch, white-glove” operation. (It will also have a philanthropic side to it “in the future”, I’m told.)”

1R is honored to be a part of turning this vision into a reality and we cannot wait for you to see it.