Beauty Independent Speaks with 1R’s CEO

Beauty Independent asked our CEO Shelly Socol and 14 other investors, executives, and consultants: What should emerging beauty brands learn from Glossier’s struggles? See her insights below:

“When brands are seeing success, they can begin to get forceful in pushing for more growth. However, doing so can cause a brand to lose their core consumer's attention. Sometimes brands can get ahead of themselves and lose sight of what has made them so successful, and it’s important to take a step back and look at how to grow smartly, not just aggressively.

Ensuring that every launch is distinctly aligned with the brand and marketed well to the customer will lead to continued strong numbers. Brands should also consistently deep dive into their consumer data to ensure they don’t lose market value with their consumers. Brands can also learn how to be graceful in the face of mistakes.

Glossier is an exceptional brand and the transparent and clear communication surrounding mistakes, as opposed to deflecting responsibility, leads to more consumer and employee loyalty.”

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