CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Westman Atelier hits Skincare & the New York Times

It's here! Introducing Westman Atelier's first skincare product, the Skin Activator serum.

The New York Times sat down with CEO & Founder, Gucci Westman to talk about what's in store for the brand as they embark on skincare.

"It is a serum created in partnership with a Korean scientist, Raymond Park, and includes 12 active ingredients, including four kinds of hyaluronic acid for moisture and niacinamide to correct pigmentation. Less common ingredients include fermented algae to even skin tone and prickly pear cactus extract for soothing."

We also get a glimpse into Gucci's journey and what sparked her interest in beauty, and how Westman Atelier got to where they are today.

Check out the article for more:

Fun fact: Gucci grew up in a kundalini yoga ashram, where she secretly did makeup for all her friends.