Alexis Bittar

Design & Build

Alexis Bittar is known for unique, attainable jewelry that evokes an ever-present sense of luxury. The Brooklyn-based brand was founded in 1990 when Alexis Bittar bought his very first block of lucite. Nearly three decades later, local hand craftsmanship is core to the brand DNA. Every item is hand-worked, shaved, and painted on-site at their facility in Industry City.

what we did

  • Information Architecture and UX/Taxonomy
  • Art Direction, Design, and Digital Production
  • Front End Development
  • Back End Configurations/Integrations
  • Website Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Platform Training and Documentation
  • Account and Project Management
  • Managed Services
Alexis Bittar image banner

Strength in Storytelling

1R created a modularized homepage to showcase Alexis Bittar's rich brand and storytelling content. This fusion of editorial and shoppable features present discoverable content for new customers and a quick path to purchase for returning customers.

The Results

  • 22% increase in overall transactions
  • 10% increase in revenue
  • 30% increase in conversion rate

Shopping at Ease

The custom Quickshop functionality, accessible production information, and immersive product photos and videos provide a seamless e-commerce experience.

Truly Custom Product

1R developed a custom product builder for the brand's core styles. This "Design Your Own" program offers over 5000+ customization options and enables customers to personalize their own unique pieces.

Truly Custom Product
Truly Custom Product
Truly Custom Product
Truly Custom Product
Truly Custom Product