Brand Story

AMITHA was created for those that seek beauty in the everyday — the objects they collect are an opportunity to define a life well-lived. A line of luxury cannabis accessories, AMITHA is designed to be displayed alongside your vintage coffee table books or Eames chair.

AMITHA came to 1R with a mission to create a brand in an industry on the rise, offering well-designed, luxury smokeware products. 1R collaborated with AMITHA to create an innovative and immersive experience starting with the brand vision to the social direction to content creation and a website launch.

Launching a mix of curated products from other brands with the option for monogramming, AMITHA also offers her own smaller product line of vintage-inspired luxury smokewear soon.

what we did

  • Branding Strategy & Concepts
  • Content Production & Post Production
  • Digital Design and Development
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Visual Brand Identity

1R reviewed the competitive landscape before developing the brand positioning in the space, defining the values and tone of voice for the AMITHA brand. The concept for the visual identity developed with the production of a logo, typography, color palette, and brand style.

Branding Services

  • Brand Logo
  • Brand Color Story & Palette
  • Typography

Creative Studio

AMITHA tapped into 1R's creative studio to amplify brand presense across channels and platforms. 1R provided digital content strategy to support the site's key ecommerce pages as well as other branded pages, launching the site as a full product from every touch point. 1R created a go-to market campaign strategy that looks at the deliverables from a 360 perspective, allowing the brand to maximize assets on each platform/channel from paid digital ads, homepage and product page assets, out of home advertising, and social platforms.

Creative Services

  • Digital & Social Content Direction
  • Lifestyle & Product Content Production
  • Post Production

AMITHA brings together cannabis lovers and design minded aesthetes through a curated selection of artful glass pieces to elevate your smoking experience.

Digital Services

Website Design & Build

  • Information Architecture & UX/Taxonomy
  • Digital Direction & Design
  • Front End Development
  • Back End Configurations
  • Website Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Platform Training & Documentation
  • Account & Project Management


AMITHA's products are meant to inspire a life well-lived, surrounded by timeless design and objets d'art. The brand works with local artisans to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

The Product

  • Handmade and Crafted
  • Ethically Manufactured
  • Designed To Last
  • Amitha Collective Certified
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