Boston Seaport

Boston Seaport

The future of Seaport is a thriving, sustainable urban neighborhood that serves its residents, provides a destination for all Bostonians, and welcomes visitors from around the world. The neighborhood needed a stronger digital presence to serve the new influx of residents, businesses, committee affiliates, and provide information about the neighborhood's growth. One Rockwell identified the soul purpose for Boston Seaport’s new digital initiative - create a site that functions as a neighborhood guide for this dynamic, up-and-coming area. The new site would also act as a vehicle for sales to present to potential buyers and investors, as well as a forum for the various restaurants, stores, and hotels to have a dialogue with their target consumers, achieving unique business goals for various department stakeholders.

what we did

  • Art Direction and Photography Creation
  • Strategy, Design and User Experience
  • Responsive Site Build on WordPress
  • Integration of Dynamic Weather Displays
  • Integration of Event Calendar Booking Functionality
  • Google Map Integration

Digital Tour Guide

Ensuring a site that would accommodate the marketing, business, and technical needs lead 1 Rockwell to recommend a WordPress deployment. The WS Development team needed to be sure that the technology recommendation would accommodate future planning. Priorities focused on intuitive admin management, planning around content development, and working through iterative feature planning. Above all, the front-end experience was critical for presenting the brand to various users. The site required an elevated aesthetic and visually engaging interactions. Creating a “digital tour guide” was key for success. 1 Rockwell’s approach to the project was to reflect the neighborhood’s unique lifestyle on a functional and creative level, bringing to life the joint vision of the WS Development team and the 1 Rockwell’s creative team. A new navigational map allows a seamless and efficient way to view all the current and future locations in the district categorized specifically for pedestrians.

Visitor Engagement

One Rockwell created various pathways to keep visitors engaged and up-to-date on the latest happenings at Boston Seaport.

  • The user friendly calendar allows visitors to explore upcoming events, and filter based on interest.
  • The homepage features a welcome module that supports brand awareness and displays current weather.
  • Social accounts are aggregated allowing for relevant content on the site.
  • With an unobstructed way of engaging users to sign up for the newsletter, visitors can now effortlessly stay up to date on current happenings.

The Results

The new is a unique content-only website that is customized for the district’s offerings, life, and culture. Seaport’s web presence serves as a digital hub that will continue to grow and integrate with the complete Seaport experience, both off and online. For WS Development, it’s an integral component to becoming a contributing member of each community it serves.