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JOOPITER is more than just a digital auction house. It’s a content hub and a community meant to bring different cultures together to converse. Backed by Grammy winner Pharrell Williams, the brand plans to sell 20 years’ worth of his incredible luxury goods, handselected and studied by Archivists who will define their cultural value and importance. The 52-piece inaugural collection features an N.E.R.D. Brain Pendant chain from ‘04, 18K yellow gold Blackberry and more.

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From Auction to Encyclopedia

JOOPITER will serve as a space for community and commerce. The main focus is to provide consumers with a premium auction experience where they can bid on rare cultural artifacts curated by a team of collectors, curators and creators. On the content side, it will be a hub to find original editorial and archival imagery and video that pertains to each auctioned item.

"Joopiter is about letting go of the past. Of EVERYTHING.

Recognizing that I felt a compulsion and responsibility to hold on to what has passed and am setting myself free for the beginning of a new era."

The Results

You may have seen online auction houses before, but not one like this. Joopiter will not be limited by vertical. It will be broad and high-end, yet accessible. Pharrell is the first of many celebrities to join the community.

1Rockwell and JOOPITER will continue their parternship following the initial brand and site launch.

  • 52 Piece Inaugural Collection
  • 26k Prelaunch Instagram Followers
  • 14k Prelaunch Newsletter Subscribers

In The Press

In an exclusive interview, the musician, producer and innovator explains why he’s auctioning 20 years’ worth of sneakers, watches and jewellery via his latest business venture, Joopiter.

To that extent Joopiter could represent another re-evaluation: the decision of man who no longer wants, or needs, to be surrounded by his past. Today, he says he sees himself as part of a vanguard pushing to move both music and fashion forward. “You know, myself, Kanye, Virgil… we’re all on the front lines, helping to get some of those old spirits to wake up,” Pharrell Williams says. “Woke scares people sometimes but, damn, I’d rather be woke than asleep.”

- Financial Times