Design & Build

LeSportsac and its parent company, Itochu Corp, investigated new technology solutions for their digital presence. Having previously transacted on open source platforms, as well as proprietary eCommerce solutions, the team was diligent in their cross-platform analysis. Ability to customize and flexibility on both the front end presentation and the back end business logic were key when assessing new technology solutions. The team desired a platform in which the native functionality was robust enough to deliver on their goals and they also valued an ecosystem in which third-party solutions could help enhance non-native capabilities. Lastly, scaling the site globally was a large part of the conversation. While the new platform migration would be based in the US, the decision-making needed to consider existing and future international expansions.

what we did

  • Built on Shopify Plus
  • eComm UX + Design
  • eComm Development + System Integrations
  • Project Management + Business Analysis
  • Post Launch Support
LeSportsac image banner

Whimsically Intuitive

1R’s approach to the project focused on creating a whimsically intuitive experience for the end-user. Product data management was critical in providing a flexible shopping experience, allowing the visitor to discover new ways of interacting with the product. Shopify’s native product tagging feature was utilized to give the customer the ability to search for products without specifically using the search tool. The top navigation bar organizes product by style, print, color, collections, and collaborations, allowing the end-user to shop to their specific tastes and style.

The Results

The implementation of encompasses an accurate brand representation, as well as flexibility and functionality, through the use of innovative product data management. By seamlessly aligning brand, agency partner, and technology, we’ve delivered an intuitive shopping experience, as well as innovative methods of brand engagement to the LeSportsac loyalist.

  • 15% increase in conversion rate
  • 29% increase in mobile conversion rate
  • 17% increase in revenue from mobile devices

Pattern Play

1R also developed a Shop by Color functionality, listing all of LeSportsac’s swatches. The customer is able to narrow down the swatch list by print or solid colors and pull any product associated with the specific swatch into a dynamic product listing page. In addition to these features, 1R introduced “moments of fun” — interactions and floating animations — to give the user experience a more playful flavor without taking away from shopping.

Third-Party Collaboration

LeSportsac and the 1R team worked together with key third-party partners, to enhance the user journey.

third party partners

  • Bronto was chosen for it’s out of the box Shopify connection.
  • Nosto was utilized for offering a more personalized shopping experience by providing onsite recommendations to the PDP and gift card pages.
  • Return Magic was integrated to optimize the return touchpoint to deliver more revenue and profit, and drastically streamlined LeSportsac’s return process.
Third-Party Collaboration
Third-Party Collaboration
Third-Party Collaboration