Redesign & Replatform

The Miansai team had experienced expansive growth and was looking to invest funds back into their digital ecosystem. The brand desired a solution that would complement their in-store experience. The solution needed to allow finances to be applied towards a more robust user experience and brand presentation. Following careful technical assessment, 1R recommended Shopify Plus based on its robust community, scalable solution, ease of integration capabilities, and flexibility in brand presentation.

what we did

  • Audit & Transition into Managed Services (Magento site)
  • Replatform onto Shopify Plus
  • User Experience & Design
  • Business Analysis & Project Management
  • Development and Systems Integrations
  • Ongoing Managed Services Support

The Task

Previously, the Miansai team was handling most of their processes, specifically customer inquiries, manually. As Miansai was interested in automating their process and data flow to help with their customer service experience, 1R recommended utilizing an ERP solution to automate their flow. In addition, new features that would represent the in-store experience in a seamless digital matter would be at the forefront of this new commerce initiative. By incorporating smart cross-sells, monogramming, and pre-ordering, the brand would ensure their .com users would experience a tailored experience.

The Execution

The Miansai team worked closely with 1R business analysts to integrate 3rd party solutions and overcome key pain points from their original build. To streamline and automate returns, One Rockwell utilized Celigo to integrate Netsuite’s ERP solution for a more intuitive return process. 1R's development team used the Shopify Plus pre-order functionality to accommodate desired business logic and implemented new payment methods such as Paypal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay. A monogramming option was also implemented, seamlessly integrated end-to-end with Netsuite’s ERP. Development utilized both the UPS API and iParcel for diversified domestic and international shipping options.

The Results

Following a seamless deployment, 1R merged the Miansai team right back into its post-launch support program. Following launch, the brand's budget is projected to be re-allocated from heavy technical investments to innovative digital initiatives, made possible by this new ecosystem.

  • 40% increase in overall transactions
  • 15% increase in average order value