Tula Skincare

History & Partnership

Tula came to One Rockwell in 2018 already on Shopify Plus. A UX and code audit was performed to evaluate the health of the site. For the Tula team, it was crucial that One Rockwell help build more stability in their existing site in order to successfully grow as a brand.

what we did

  • Technical & Business Audit
  • Site Transition
  • Design Improvements
  • Ongoing Site Enhancements & New Features
  • Front end & Back
  • Account & Project Management

Managed Services

Integrations & Features

  • Global site speed audit and performance enhancements
  • Product listing page redesign & build
  • Product detail page redesign & build
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • App Migrations

The Results

The Tula Skincare brand is one of the fastest-growing beauty brands.

  • 166% increase in revenue
  • 23% increase in Average Order Value
  • 116% increase in total orders

Through investments in dynamic site features like a skincare routine, skin quiz, reviews, and an ever-growing product line, they have grown exponentially over the past few years.