Westman Atelier

History & Partnership

Westman Atelier came to One Rockwell in 2019 with an online store that required enhancements to match the progress the brand was making outside of its digital presence. They had a beautiful assortment of products and now it was time to drive brand awareness and establish themselves as a leader in clean and luxurious beauty products.

what we did

  • Technical and Beauty Audit
  • Transition & Environment Setup
  • Account & Project Management
  • Ongoing Enhancements & Features
  • Front end & Back
  • Design & Social Content Creation

The Results

Westman Atelier is a true success story, having a 400% increase in total sales from 2019 to 2020! Other stats include:

  • 390% increase in revenue
  • 47% increase in conversion rate
  • 43% return customer rate

Integrations & Highlighted Features

  • Homepage and blog redesign & build
  • Navigation restructure & rebuild to accommodate growing product assortment
  • Email template integration & development
  • Design & build of dynamic landing pages
  • FedEx Crossborder integration
  • Page speed performance enhancements