1R + 28 ROW: How to Effectively Reach the College Market

1Rockwell had the pleasure of hosting 28 ROW, a network of influential, diverse, trend-setting, and outspoken college women, in May's Coffee + Connect session.

Below are 3 pieces of information the 1R community took away from learning how to effectively reach the college market.

1. As first-time purchasers, establishing brand loyalty now is crucial. There were 17M undergrad college students in the U.S. $376B spending power, of which $131B was discretionary.

2. This demographic cares about authenticity, culturally relevant causes, online presence, and value purchases.

3. It's all about peer-to-peer recs. Their friends care about the same causes. They're more likely to follow an account that their friend follows. They're more likely to support a brand that their friend supports.

28 ROW has a highly selective process for vetting influencers to join our network. They have an average of 5K followers, are brilliant content creators, and have high engagement rates. 28 ROW's peer influencers are leaders on their college campuses and amongst their followers.

If you want to learn more about 28 ROW and their partnership with 1Rockwell, fill out our contact form.