LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT: Game Changing Auction Platform, JOOPITER

Joopiter 1Rockwell

1R is proud to introduce JOOPITER to the world. ūüĆé

A brand that brings creators, curators, and collectors together to create a new model for commerce and community to make a more vibrant and robust culture. JOOPITER’s vision is to tell a communal story of cultural creativity, the importance of material history, and to celebrate everyone who takes part in creating it.

JOOPITER, in partnership with 1R to build their own platform, plans to disrupt the auction house landscape. ‚ÄčWe‚Äôre proud to have ‚Äčsome amazing partners like Alaska Alaska, ‚Äč‚ÄčChord, Basta ‚Äčand Shopify‚Äč on our side‚Äč to bring this vision to life.

You may have seen online auction houses before, but not one like this. JOOPITER will not be limited by vertical. It will be broad and high-end, yet accessible. Pharrell ‚ÄčWilliams ‚Äčis the first of many celebrities to join the community.

Join the community: