1R Welcomes Caraa, Scotch Porter, and Roman & Williams Guild

ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing Caraa, Scotch Porter, and Roman and Willams Guild as 1R's newest clients

CARAA is a New York City-based sports bag and accessory company founded in 2015 by CFDA award-winning designers Carmen Chen Wu and Aaron Luo to reimagine handbags for modern life. 1R will be contributing to the growth of its business by providing digital marketing services.

Scotch Porter comes to 1R looking to redesign and build their site on Shopify. The brand, known for its MULTI-purpose, handmade better-for-you grooming products, offers solutions to the real issues men face daily. They believe men should be able to take care of themselves and feel like a boss, without breaking the bank or using products packed with harmful chemicals.

Roman and Williams Guild came to 1R with an existing DTC site with the goal of partnering with the agency to grow its digital business. The brand founders present a radical vision for the home and a way of living that is not just beautiful and luxurious; it is deeply connected to nature, culture, and community. The brand offers furniture, lighting, and accessories for the home along with a highly curated selection of goods from all over the world.