2023 Ecommerce Trends from Shopify

Shopify's latest report focuses on what's shaping Commerce this year, featuring tips from industry experts and leaders of some of the top global brands on how to prepare for anything and set your business up for success in 2023.

The annual report covers the latest trends in ecommerce, pulled from research data and insider insights, across these key 5 areas: supply chains, inflation, marketing, social commerce and retail.

Here is our recap:


As supply chain issues continue to impact businesses across the globe, here are some ways to adapt:

- Diversify product sourcing

- Focus on minimizing return rates

- Digitize inventory management with tech or AI software


With inflation and a wounded economy, now more than ever customer satisfaction is important for success. And as buyers are spending less, here are some strategies to boost sales:

- Price strategically

- Promote loyalty & spending with discounts

- Add memberships or subscriptions

- Mitigate overhead costs


Unstable markets push customers to try new brands, the landscape has become increasingly more competitive. Come out on top by:

- Utilizing 1st party data

- Creating more personalized content

- Collaborating with brands


As online shopping growth steadies, innovation is key for commerce, so tap into:

- Social media for engagement, conversion & retention

- Virtual, global augmented, & mixed reality technology 


In today's ever-changing ecosystem, keep up with your audience and meet customers' expectations in order to stand out by:

- Diversifying the in-store & online experience

- Keeping employees happy

- Adapt the customer journey

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