INDUSTRY TREND: Sustainable Beauty

According to, one big trend consumers will see in 2023 are refillable beauty products, something our client, Izzy Zero Waste Beauty is no stranger to. They have incorporated reusable products into their foundation from the very start, manufacturing refillable (medical grade) beauty products, designed to be cleaned and reused, that replace the demand for single-use items.

Izzy founder and chief zero waste officer Shannon Goldberg founded the company with a goal of providing truly sustainable options when it comes to cosmetics, and a mission of reducing plastic waste with clean and cruelty-free products that are 100% reusable, 100% recyclable, 100% certified CarbonNeutral (and 100% gorgeous). 

Glam quotes Shannon saying “The global beauty industry is a $532-billion-dollar business that creates more than 120 billion units of packaging every year. This packaging is the number one contributor to plastic production in the world.” Following a report by Brightly “which states that 57% of consumers are unlikely to buy from a brand if it uses unsustainable packaging. With consumers seeking sustainability, it's hard to see how refillable products are not the solution in 2023.”

“Besides the fact that more brands want to work on their sustainability, refillable skincare presents a unique opportunity for brands to increase their customers' loyalty. Practical E-commerce explains that sustainable practices in general bring a rise in customer loyalty to a brand.”

Check out the article for more on how refillable skincare is the way forward.